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Velocity Stream is a new take on the racing genre, where one player takes control over a Paver, a spacecraft that flies through the game world, leaving a trail of energy in its wake. It's on this trail that the other players race eachother with the goal of being the first to catch up with the Paver.

This practice mode demo allows players to compete against an AI controlled Paver and experience the unique core mechanic.

The demo features a config file, allowing downloaders to adapt vehicle handling to their own preferences. We encourage players to

Velocity Stream is currently active on Steam Greenlight. We would very much appreciate if you could support us through your votes.

Softpedia says:

"Velocity Stream not only brings forth a new kind of random that benefits everyone, but it also looks really good even in it's early stages of life."

Hooked Gamers says:

"Staple of gaming parties to come"

This is not a final product. Velocity Stream is still in its early stages of development. This early alpha demo is intended to give a general impression of the game's intent but should not be considered at all representative of the final product. Modes, music, graphics, gameplay, and all other facets of this product are subject to change.

Install instructions

This game comes stored on a .RAR directory. Unpack it and then double click on VelocityStreamDemo. Enjoy and play. An instructions .pdf is also included in the directory.

In the main directory you will also find the config file. Open it in a basic text editor to edit the contents.


VelocityStreamPractDemo.rar 140 MB